Air-Flown Atlantic Fresh Salmon Sashimi Grade

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Fresh Salmon - Atlantic Air-Flown Sashimi Grade (Mother Day Offer- Free Premium Bag)

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  • Product Code: SFCH10016
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  • RM73.00

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Air-Flown Atlantic Fresh Salmon Sashimi Grade 
Choose the cutting style you like - We provide Block Cut, Fillet Cut and Sashimi Cut

Weekly price RM73.00/kg (03/05/21 -09/05/21)
Cutting style:  Fillet Cut (ZZ42) +RM7/kg, Sashimi Cut (ZZ46) +RM10/kg

ATLANTIC FRESH SALMON is a variation of fresh seafood that is selected by Kanika due to its great texture and wonderful taste that speaks premium for itself. The flavour of Atlantic salmon is milder than that of the wild salmon species. The meat is moderately firm and oily, though not as fatty as that of the wild chinook, or king, salmon. The flesh colour varies, depending on the amount of pigment in the feed, but generally, Atlantics’ meat is a rich orange or pinkish-orange colour. The fatty meat appears almost marbled when raw. Atlantic salmon retains its colour when cooked and has a large, moist flake.

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