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Western Food

Beef Ribeye 200GM(+/- )

Beef Ribeye 200GM(+/- )BEEF RIBEYE BONELESS is a variation of a meat product that is selected by Kan..


Ecofrost Belgium Fries Crinkle Cut 1kg(+-)

Ecofrost Belgium Fries Crinkle Cut 1kg(+-)Ecofrost Belgium Fries Crinkle Cut  is a variati..


Kanika Mixed Vegetable

Kanika Mixed VegetableNet Weight: 1kgKANIKA MIXED VEGE or mixed vegetables are a premium blend ..


Kanika Green Peas

Kanika Green PeasNet Weight:500gKANIKA GREEN PEAS is a variation of green peas that have been s..


Kanika Sweet Corn

Kanika Sweet CornNet Weight:500gKANIKA CORN is a variation of frozen vegetables selected by Kan..


Ecofrost Belgium Fries Shoestring 1kg(+-)

Ecofrost Belgium Fries Shoestring 1kg(+-)Ecofrost Belgium Fries Shoestring is a selection of pr..


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