Ecofrost Belgium Fries Shoestring 1kg(+-)

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Ecofrost Belgium Fries Shoestring 1kg(+-)

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Ecofrost Belgium Fries Shoestring 1kg(+-)

Ecofrost Belgium Fries Shoestring is a selection of products that are offered by Kanika due to its great taste and premium quality. Shoestring Potatoes, AKA Shoestring Fries, are a delicious and versatile side dish perfect for any and every meal! These shoestring potatoes are crispy, salty, peppery, awesome. Best of all, they’re simple. Shoestring potatoes, like potato chips and waffle chips, are fried only once. This recipe makes a good-sized batch—enough for a party—and are a favorite accompaniment to our Bacon Cheeseburger or Classic Hamburger.

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