Ecofrost Belgium Fries Crinkle Cut 1kg(+-)

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Ecofrost Belgium Fries Crinkle Cut 1kg(+-)

  • Product Code: WF20002
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  • RM9.00

Ecofrost Belgium Fries Crinkle Cut 1kg(+-)

Ecofrost Belgium Fries Crinkle Cut  is a variation of fries selected by Kanika due to its fine cutting technique and great texture, the fries taste wonderful after frying which promises premium quality whereby Kanika looks heavily upon. The crinkle-cut fries are a type of french fries that undergo a method of crinkle-cutting which is slicing that leaves a corrugated surface. Just put a little zigzag excitement on the plate with these crinkle-cut fries that are made for ketchup. No Artificial Colours and Flavors. Made with 100% Real Potatoes of Premium Quality from Belgium. Preparation method: Fry the unthawed product for 3-4min in a preheated cooking oil at a temperature around 175°C-350°F.

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