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Why become Kanika Dropshipper?



Simply share your link to your own contacts or social media.


No risk

Do not need to keep stocks. Kanika will fulfilled the order.


High commission 10%

System will calculate the commission once someone order from your link.

Who can become Kanika Dropshipper?

If you...

  • Want become entrepreneur
  • Want extra source of income
  • Love our product and wish to share to others
  • Want passive income
Refer and Earn

Here is the Flow of Kanika Dropshipper


How to become Kanika Dropshipper?

Sign up with the link below to become Kanika Dropshipper

Our team will send the link to you via whatsapp and email

You can call or whatsapp 0102117549 or email to to arrange for appointment or further information.

Extra information regarding product on sales

Extra information regarding delivery

Extra information regarding policy

*Every 10th of the month will credit your previous month commission to your bank
**Kanika Malaysia reserve the right to change the commission rate without any prior notice

Feels Like Family

Everyone at HSH is on first name terms with each other, and we share a strong sense of pride and common purpose. Our board members are available and approachable, and our store and head office teams bond at regular social events.

Making Work Fun

We like our people to be able to get together, let their hair down and enjoy themselves as well as learning more about the business and their colleagues at our company activities for all HSH-Kanika staff. These pictures show some of the highlights of many years of outstanding activities: