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About Us

Quality Always Come First

From our humble beginnings handling seafood in the Selayang Market, we’ve transformed our decades of experience to what Kanika is today.

We know that one of life’s greatest pleasures is the entire experience of preparing food, cooking, plating and enjoying food. Kanika’s priority has been on providing top quality products for this culinary experience.

30 Years of Business Philosophy

We promise to provide reasonable pricing and quality always come first.


To provide Excellent products & service to our consumers

Core Value

Excellence & Credibility


Become number 1 consumer’s choice in Malaysia, Singapore & South East Asia.

We have more than
20 Frozen Trucks

Together with our team and allied with other Frozen Truck providers to ensure you received your order in optimal quality status.

For now we offer FREE DELIVERY for KL and Klang Valley area if you purchase RM200 or above. Delivery fee for KL will be RM20, Klang Valley RM25 and for others states are RM35.

We take our frozen food very seriously.

From preserving the optimal freezing temperatures across our cold chain networks (no easy feat in our sweltering climate!), slicing fish, packing, storing, and delivering the goods to you, we take pride in ensuring our food stays fresh until it reaches your plate.

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Leading Brand in Innovative Food Products

Expect only top quality from KANIKA products. We’ve been the choice of restaurants, hotels, and chefs, filling millions of plates around South East Asia. Now we’re ready to fill your homes with incredible dining experiences.


The countries that we have
connection with

Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia,
Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Italy,
France, Spain, Norway, Chile, Greenland, Alaska
and USA. Our team will never stop exploring
new countries or products to ensure
you can have more varieties and choices.