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Kanika Ebiko Orange (500gm)

Kanika Ebiko Orange (500gm)
Kanika Ebiko Orange (500gm)
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Kanika Ebiko Orange
Net Weight: 500gm(+-)

KANIKA EBIKO ORANGE  is a variation of capelin fish roe that is selected by Kanika due to its great texture and wonderful taste that speaks premium for itself.  Ebiko is actually Shrimp roe, sometimes translated as "Shrimp Flakes"; the eggs are smaller and generally a darker orange than Tobiko. There is a variant of Ebiko made from Capelin roe. Kanika is using the Capelin roe variation. Smelt roe — commonly known as Masago — are the edible eggs of the capelin fish. Fish roe is low in calories yet high in nutrients like healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals. While masago tastes similar to tobiko, it has a less crunchy texture. Overall, tobiko and masago are very similar, yet tobiko is considered a more high-end sushi ingredient due to its cost and quality.

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