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Kanika Nobashi Ebi (300gm)

Kanika Nobashi Ebi (300gm)
Kanika Nobashi Ebi (300gm)
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Kanika Nobashi Ebi
Net Weight: 300gm(+-)

Suitable to make tempura prawn

KANIKA NOBASHI EBI is a variation of Nobashi Ebi that Kanika has selected and added into its product group due to the great texture of this Ebi prawn which promises premium quality in taste. Nobashi Ebi prawns are prawns that have been stretched, deveined and peeled, but the tail is left on. Similar to the Ami Ebi prawns, Nobashi Ebi also has a sweet flavour and firm texture. They are the perfect prawn to be dipped in batter or Panko breadcrumbs to make tempura – try making an  Ebi Tempura Soba. Buckwheat noodles served in a hot ramen soup, this can be made with miso or unami broth, with tempura Ebi prawns on top! Season with spice to your taste – this is a deliciously warming meal to make using the amazing Nobashi prawns

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