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Kanika Unagi Sliced (120gm) 20pcs/tray

Kanika Unagi Sliced (120gm) 20pcs/tray
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Kanika Unagi Sliced (120gm) 20pcs/tray
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Kanika Unagi Sliced
Net Weight: 120gm(+-) 20pcs/tray 

KANIKA UNAGI SLICED is a selection of unagi in Kanika that is cooked in Kabayaki style and later cut in slices for easier consumption. Unagi is the Japanese word for freshwater eel, especially the Japanese eel, Anguilla Japonica. Unagi is a common ingredient in Japanese cooking, often as Kabayaki. It is not to be confused with saltwater eel, which is known as Anago in Japanese.


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