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1/2 SHELL SCALLOP 10-12CM 1kg

1/2 SHELL SCALLOP 10-12CM 1kg
1/2 SHELL SCALLOP 10-12CM 1kg
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Product Specification

Product Name:  1/2 SHELL SCALLOP 10-12CM

Origin: China

Storage Type: Frozen 

Frozen weight: ± 1kg

Quantity: 1 pack

Shelf Life: 24 months

Info: 1/2 SHELL SCALLOP 10-12CM is a selection of scallops offered by Kanika due to its freshness and good quality taste. Scallops are low in fat, high in protein and contain minerals like calcium and iron. In Japan, they are traditionally eaten in curried soups or cooked on a half-shell over a charcoal brazier. Skewer and grill over charcoal, and lightly baste with quality soy sauce, or pan fry in butter until golden on the outside and translucent in the centre. Please keep it in the freezer upon receiving it to maintain the freshness of your order.

Halal Certification:


● defrost and cook

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