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Hokkaido Sashimi Scallop (M size) 1kg

Hokkaido Sashimi Scallop (M size) 1kg
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Hokkaido Sashimi Scallop (M size) 1kg
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Hokkaido Sashimi Scallop (M size)
Net Weight: 1kg(+-)

Sashimi Grade

Hokkaido Sashimi Scallop (M-size) is a variation of scallop lips that are selected by Kanika due to its great texture and wonderful taste that speaks premium for itself. Hotate is a rich source of protein, calcium, vitamins, and iron. Of these nutrients, protein, vitamin B1, and taurine are attracting attention in health foods. Taurine is particularly noteworthy as an aid to the development of the eyes and the brain, to rids the body of bad cholesterol, and to reduce blood pressure. Hotate is also considered a diet food for its high-protein, low-calorie content and abundant vitamins and minerals.

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