Scallops: Wet vs. Dry

Scallops: Wet Vs. Dry

There Are Two Ways Scallops Are Handled (And Sold) On The Market: Dry And Soaked.

-"Soaked" (Also Known As "Wet" Or "Treated") Scallops Have Been Soaked In A Bath Of Phosphates (Or More Precisely- Sodium Tripolyphosphate), For The Purpose Of Adding Water-Weight

"Dry" Is The Seafood Industry Term For Natural Scallops, Which Have Not Been Treated With Phosphates.

Dry Scallops Are Superior For The Following Reasons:

  • For Searing Purposes, Dry Scallops Caramelize Beautifully!
  • Dry Scallops Taste Sweet & Natural, Where "Wet" Scallops Can Sometimes Have A Washed-Out, Or Even Slightly "Soapy" Or Bitter Flavor.
  • You Are Not Paying For Added Waterwith Dry Scallops.