Why Choose Frozen Instead of Fresh Seafood

Why Choose Frozen Instead Of Fresh Seafood

Here Are Some Sharings Regarding Froven Vs Fresh Seafood. For Some People, Choosing Frozen Seafood Might Be A Better Choice For Them.

According To United States Department Of Agriculture, They Stated That Freezing Process Itself Does Not Destroy Nutrients. In Meat And Poultry Products, There Is Little Change In Nutrient Value During Freezer Storage. So Either You Eat Frozen Or Fresh You Will Still Get The Similar Nutrient Value.

Frozen Food Can Keep In Freezer Longer From Month To Half Year Depending On What Kind Of Seafood And The Size. Consume Fast After Defrost And It Will Taste As Fresh. The Benefit Doesn't End There, Frozen Products Have More Stable Price Compare To Fresh And Sufficient Stocks As Always.

Below Is The Study From USDA
United States Department Of Agriculture