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2020 is an unusual year for every Malaysian and even the world. COVID-19 is not only a global pandemic and public health crisis, it has also adversely affected the economy and financial markets. Wearing masks and maintaining social distance have become new norms in life, inadvertently creating a disconnect in society.


Therefore, KANIKA is launching a PURELY GOOD Campaign together with our local Designated Artist.

With the Limited Edition Jute Bag, we aim to raise awareness of some institutions that desperately need aid and assistance.

“ Shepherd’s Centre Foundation started off as a small foster home for several children. Today, it has over 80 children residing in their centres located in Semenyih and Bukit Beruntung.

Since 1993, Shepherd’s Centre has lovingly cared for over 600 children, who have since gone on to establish their careers in different fields.


For PURELY GOOD Champaign, we will launch a Gift set -RM229 early bird pre-order  —free delivery to Klang Valley and KL — With 2 bottle of Spain Halal Sparkling Grape Juice — And 5 items France desserts Plus KANIKA voucher RM30 to purchase in our shop or website. Limited Edition Jute Bag only for first 250.

For every purchase of the RM229 package, a sum of RM10 will be donated to Shepherd’s Centre. Through your generosity and support with every purchase of our package, We hope to raise awareness and brings love, hope and financial support to the underprivileged children.