Scallops: Wet vs. Dry

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Scallops: Wet vs. Dry

Scallops: Wet vs. Dry

There are two ways scallops are handled (and sold) on the market: dry and soaked.

-"Soaked" (also known as "wet" or "treated") scallops have been soaked in a bath of phosphates (or more precisely- sodium tripolyphosphate), for the purpose of adding water-weight

"Dry" is the seafood industry term for natural scallops, which have not been treated with phosphates.

Dry scallops are superior for the following reasons:

  • For searing purposes, dry scallops caramelize beautifully!
  • Dry scallops taste sweet & natural, where "wet" scallops can sometimes have a washed-out, or even slightly "soapy" or bitter flavor.
  • You are not paying for added waterwith dry scallops.