Kanika Mixed Vegetable (1kg)

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Kanika Mixed Vegetable (1kg)

  • Product Code: WF20010
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  • RM6.50

Kanika Mixed Vegetable
Net Weight: 1kg

KANIKA MIXED VEGE or mixed vegetables are a premium blend of sweet carrots, succulent peas, green beans and sweet corn kernels selected by Kanika due to its great quality in each vegetable that is used for this mixture gives a guarantee of premium taste and texture. A few suggestions on how to prepare your mixed vegetables: If you're tired of bland mixed vegetables, try cooking them a different way. You can sauté frozen mixed vegetables and season them with dill or tarragon. Or you can cut your own vegetables and toss them with oil and herbs before roasting them. You can even season mixed vegetables and toss them on the grill so they get a delicious smoky flavour. Steam your choice of mixed vegetables for a side dish that's low in fat and high in nutrients.

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