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Iftar Special Bundle 2024

Iftar Special Bundle 2024
Iftar Special Bundle 2024
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JF30203 Unagi 1 PKT 
SFPR50032 Prawn Meat S Size Repacking 1 PKT 
SU20203 Imitation Breaded Scallop 1 PKT 
DS30026 Black Pepper Dumpling 1 PKT
DS30030 Mushroom Dumpling 1 PKT
SFWF10002 Breaded Fish Fillet 1 PKT 
SU20260. Crabto with soy sauce and wasabi 1 PKT 
SU20263. Taraba without sauce 1 PKT 
DRES10002 Sesame Salad Dressing 1 BTL
DS30002 Shrimp Dumpling 1 PKT
DSST20009 Chocolate Filled Crepes 1 PKT 
DS10060 Breaded Shrimp Torpedo 1 PKT 
SFFR20010 Frozen Salmon Fillet +-200GM 1 PKT 

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