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Pomace Olive Oil

Pomace Olive OilNet Weight: 5 Litre/BtlPomace Olive Oil is chosen by Kanika due to its good quality ..


Kanika Sesame Salad Dressing Small Bottle sale

Kanika Sesame Salad Dressing Small Bottle

Kanika Sesame Salad Dressing Small BottleNet Weight: 280ml(+-)KANIKA SESAME SALAD DRESSING (Small Bo..

RM7.80 RM9.80

Kanika Nori Seaweed Strips

Kanika Nori Seaweed StripsNet Weight: 100gm(+-)KIZAMI NORI SEAWEED STRIP is a seaweed that has ..


Kanika Nori Powder

Kanika Seaweed PowderNet Weight:100gm(+-)Kanika Seaweed Powder (AO NORI KO) is also known as gr..


Kanika Pickled Ginger Original

Kanika Pickled Ginger Original Net Weight: 110gm(+-)/BottleKANIKA PICKLED GINGER ORIGINAL is al..


Kanika Pickled Ginger Pink

Kanika Pickled Ginger PinkNet Weight´╝Ü110gm(+-)/BottleKANIKA PICKLED GINGER PINK  is a vari..


Kanika Japanese Radish

Kanika Japanese Radish Whole PCNet Weight:450gm(+-)RADISH is a variation of pickled radish..


Out Of Stock Kanika Sesame Salad Dressing

Kanika Sesame Salad Dressing

Kanika Sesame Salad DressingNet Weight: 1litre/bottleA dressing featuring healthy sesame oil, ginger..


Kanika Tom Yum Paste

Kanika Tom Yum PasteNet Weight: 100gm(+-)IngredientsPalm oil, Chilies, Lemongrass, Onion, Lime, Suga..


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